U.F.O.? Meteor? Asteroid???!

I was outside this morning at around 6:10am EST and noticed a bright light from behind the trees, brighter than most of the stars out actually. I stared at this for about 30 seconds before telling my friend to take a look at it he noticed it too but didn’t think too much about it as he went back inside immediately. But whatever the object was it was bright did not have navigation lights on it, was silent, and didn’t appear to change orientation of light as it passed over.. just looked like a quick moving star. It only took a minute or 2 to pass out of viewing range but it was odd because it didn’t follow the curvature of the earth as it continued away from me just went in a perfectly straight line and then slowly dimmed and got smaller and smaller until it was nothing more than a pinlight in the sky. Just curious if anyone else saw this or noticed it, I don’t think it was little green space men on a grand tour across the universe checking out the sites of our terrestrial marble floating about but I do believe it was an object within a very close orbit of the earth lit by the sun.

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