Its Almost Halloween!

Its Almost Halloween!

Halloween, my favorite time of the year. The stores fill with good beer, pies, and candy, and its the only time during the year that its acceptable drinking in larges masses in the city (Oktoberfest) and  just a few weeks later scaring the shit out of your neighbors and their kids while having a few drinks and laughs.

There is a store that opened here in Simpsonville next to Publix on Fairview that I have been frequenting lately called Crafted Beer. They have a huge variety of craft beers such as Stone, Rogue, New Belgium, Thomas Creek, and even just got in my favorite Rauchbier! If you like good beer head that way.

In other news Andrew Cochrane “Barley” from Barley Productions my awesome drummer from Canada is on his way down to visit for most of the month which means there with be new music very very soon and if we all play our cards right B-Movie2 will also be finished and up for viewing.

I feel I have neglected this site quite a bit for the past 2 years but hey life gets busy and you get stuck with priorities whether you like them or not and unfortunately this site was not high on that list. But with a new spark for everything this should be getting updates regularly. Also if you want a site similar to this head over to TigerLocal where hosting and simple web design is as low as $30.00 per month.

In other news I have been working with a good friend here locally trying to start up a small shop providing Subaru Specialities in Simpsonville if you are interested in this head over to SUBERIOR.

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