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Heres a great post written by a friend I met at PubCon, Check It Out Here

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Elbow I think is one of the most under appreciated bands in the past decade, being a huge relief from the mediocre copy bands of this day in age. I would even go as far as saying they are a diamond in the rough of the current music industry. They’ve been around for years getting little to no attention from the media up until the past 3 years. They are influential in every way, and well I don’t say this often but they make me, well, happy. They sound amazing live (I only wish they toured closer to me :P) and they deserve winning Mercury Music Prize twice. Check em out, you won’t be disappointed.

Elbow – The Bones Of You

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New Album? Songs? Something? I dont know? Enjoy?


No Right Way

1992 (cover)

Fzero GP Legend- Lightning Cover

Some shit I recorded over the weekend. Enjoy. In vegas. Late- Josh

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I got bored this morning and decided to cover one of my friend Mogstah’s songs, I hadn’t heard a guitar version or anything of it, and last person to redo it was Maktone, so here ya go Eternal Infamy – 1992

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Nine inch nails Echoplex remix

I did a remix of echoplex in acoustic format… enjoy
Eternal Infamy – Echoplex (Coffee Club Mix)

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