Album Finished (For Now) and Other Stuff.

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Hey there no updates in a while sorry about that I’ve been busy recording a new album which is available here now for download. Aside from that we might be doing some shows locally in the coming months and yes I said WE Eternal Infamy Live is now Josh Hamby, Min Kim, Shaun Mundy I will be posting show dates as soon as I have a clue when everything will be set up I will also throw up some practice videos soon. Anyway I hope you enjoy the new music. –...

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New Stuff and other stuff

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Crazy how time flies, been busy getting financially stable but I think we’ve just about done it 😛 if you need computer repairs or a website also contact me at << shameless plug in there. So I will be working on a bit of new music here not too long from now my studio rig basically ate itself a few months ago (HP YOU CAN SUCK MY COCK FOR MAKING SHITTY LAPTOPS) and since I’ve been kind of stuck with what I’ve had. I am working on a cover of Karma Police right now for shits and giggles I suppose...

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Working on some music with KNL, now that my financial situations sort of evened out a bit.

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New stuff added.

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Added a video game covers section to the audio page. 2 new songs on Home page “Break Down” and “Focus 2.0”. Finally get around to setting up things on here again. More Later. Check out these Youtube videos if ya havent already ...

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Lakeside Evening

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Lakeside Evening by ...

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U.F.O.? Meteor? Asteroid???!

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I was outside this morning at around 6:10am EST and noticed a bright light from behind the trees, brighter than most of the stars out actually. I stared at this for about 30 seconds before telling my friend to take a look at it he noticed it too but didn’t think too much about it as he went back inside immediately. But whatever the object was it was bright did not have navigation lights on it, was silent, and didn’t appear to change orientation of light as it passed over.. just looked like a quick moving star. It only took a...

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Video for “Morning”

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Here’s a video I made to fit the image in my mind of the song Morning Eternal Infamy – Morning from Eternal Infamy on...

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Here’s a track I made while extremely sleep deprived. Morning3 by eternalinfamy ...

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Random Happenings

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Helped do the harmony guitars on one of my friends tracks Barley’s Song by eternalinfamy ...

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How to Boost Affiliate Revenue Links Using eBay, Facebook, and TinyURL

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Heres a great post written by a friend I met at PubCon, Check It Out Here

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