New Stuff and other stuff

Crazy how time flies, been busy getting financially stable but I think we’ve just about done it 😛

if you need computer repairs or a website also contact me at << shameless plug in there.

So I will be working on a bit of new music here not too long from now my studio rig basically ate itself a few months ago (HP YOU CAN SUCK MY COCK FOR MAKING SHITTY LAPTOPS) and since I’ve been kind of stuck with what I’ve had. I am working on a cover of Karma Police right now for shits and giggles I suppose nothing special just playing around. I also quit smoking which has vastly improved my quality of life 😛 so anyway just a quick update on that also check this out new song from T.R.’s wife. good shit. :3 will update soon… also going to make this site a 100X better looking when I’m not being lazy.

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