New pictures of this week.

Heres some pictures I took earlier this week up to today. Enjoy
4th Picture 20085th Picture 20086th Picture 20087th picture 20088th picture 20089th picture 2008

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Absinthe Induced

A short bit of music, under a minute in fact of music I wrote while sipping on a glass of absinthe. I pretty much describes my mood although there are no words. enjoy

Eternal Infamy – Waiting Time

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New music sample.

This hasnt been added yet but this is something I started working on in Tennesee and this is something I added a bit back but has since gotten lost in the archive of things

Sleepy Day

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A Weekend Well Spent

Thunderstorms, Absinthe, and Writing music. Ah I feel relaxed – Josh

oh yea watch videos of my friend Jeremy being drunk.

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IGN: Glowing review of NIN’s recently released Ghosts I-IV

Reznor’s controversial approach to releasing his latest album is not a gimmick; it’s a darn good listen!

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Added Photo Section To The Site

Added my photo section to the site where I will add 3 images that I have taken every week or few days which ever time I take the picture first. I will do this the entire year and see how it goes.

1st Picture 20082nd Picture 20083rd Picture 2008

– Josh

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